signageOS first to announce support for Tizen 6.5

signageOS first to support the new release of Tizen 6.5 to provide immediate support to their partner network

San Francisco, CA – signageOS, the cloud digital signage infrastructure provider, is proud to announce the support of the newly released Samsung Smart Signage Platform powered by Tizen 6.5. Samsung is one of signageOS’ valued Hardware Manufacturers Partners, and we continue to support them in the continuous evolution journey of system on chip (SOC) performance.

“Thanks to our close relationship with Samsung and technology expertise, we’re able to provide fully tested and ready to be used support for Tizen 6.5 powered displays, that should be available for purchase in coming weeks”, says Stan Richter, CEO of signageOS.

"Great news about signageOS’ support of the new Tizen 6.5. It is always a pleasure to work with signageOS and their deep knowledge of Tizen. The team is very professional and their speed in which they can onboard new platforms is perfect", says Peter Grillo, Tizen Application Manager Samsung Electronics.

The new generation of Tizen brings crucial web engine improvements which are now upgradeable including updated Node.js support, as well as a handful of new features. There are new and improved APIs for display management as well as overall system and performance improvements. 

signageOS has worked to integrate these new features across the entire signageOS cloud-based system prior to the public release of the new Tizen 6.5 display to maintain its screens-on, eyes-on approach to digital signage and ensure there are no disruptions to their partners' deployments.

signageOS ensures to have continuous assistance and development for all newly released software, to provide immediate support to our partner network. We are looking forward to seeing what the future of new displays will bring, and we are proactively seeking to enrich this future growth with our development team.

About signageOS

signageOS, the cloud digital signage infrastructure provider, enables companies to integrate, deploy, and manage scalable networks of any digital signage hardware. signageOS utilizes modern technologies to provide unified and standardized APIs for highly efficient digital signage development. signageOS’s single codebase approach and knowledge base derived from years of development with digital signage hardware and platforms ensure a future-proof digital signage framework.

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