signageOS Appoints Digital Signage Veteran, Michael Arnett, as Vice President of Sales, Americas

signageOS appoints Michael Arnett as Vice President of Sales, Americas for American expansion of growth strategies and customer success.

Frame 5207Prague, Czech Republic, August 26, 2021 – signageOS, the only unification technology platform for digital signage hardware and software, announced the appointment of Michael Arnett as Vice President of Sales, Americas. This comes as the company looks to expand its reach throughout North America and drive greater customer success.  

Arnett will be responsible for helping signageOS tailor its messaging primarily to the North American market. He will be working on expanding and scaling existing partnerships and identifying new opportunities that can significantly benefit from the unique signageOS technology. Arnett’s main goals will be to grow signageOS’ American presence through networking, connect with existing partners, and discover other future focus areas.

“Michael is a seasoned professional with a huge knowledge of the industry. I truly believe that all of our partners and customers will benefit from having him as a trusted resource. We were able to successfully establish our NA presence from Europe, so I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together with Michael,” said Stan Richter, CEO. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining the incredible team at signageOS! In all my years in digital signage, I haven’t come across the impressive unification layer, device management, and version control support capabilities that we conveniently provide to content management vendors, display manufacturers, and media playback device suppliers. I’m looking forward to building long-standing partner relationships in the Americas that overcome multi-platform challenges, drive customer success, and even uncover new markets outside of the digital signage realm,” says Arnett. 

Prior to this position, Arnett spent nearly 25 years in various sales and business development roles, with 17 years entrenched in digital signage on local, regional, and global scales. 

About signageOS

signageOS, the world’s first unification platform for digital signage, enables companies to integrate, deploy, and manage scalable networks of any digital signage hardware. signageOS utilizes modern technologies to provide unified and standardized APIs for highly efficient digital signage development. signageOS’s single codebase approach and knowledge base derived from years of development with digital signage hardware and platforms ensure a future-proof digital signage framework.

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