signageOS Announces ELO Integration for Digital Signage

The first integration of ELO displays into a system that supports a large network of various smart displays and media players. 

signageOS Inc., San Francisco, CA, November, 6, 2018 - signageOS, the first  global unification platform for digital signage, introduces the universal ELO integration for digital signage. ELO’s embedded, Android-based displays are now fully compatible with the signageOS supported devices list. 

ELO, a leading global touchscreen solution supplier with over 20 million installations worldwide, offers multiple lines of embedded Android displays for digital signage. ELO is one of the only major suppliers with displays running on newer versions of Android like Nougat 7.1. Developing a native application for ELO displays running on Android 7.1 provides the high-level of performance and security with the compatibility of the signageOS cloud. 

"We were excited to work with ELO displays because of their incorporation of newer versions of Android into their touchscreen display lines. With each native integration we have to account for platform specifications but overall, we were very impressed with the performance and security of this integration." - Eugen Pechanec, Senior Android Developer

The development of a native application for ELO touch displays provides the necessary requirements for high-quality installations among many other features including: 

  • Seamless device provisioning 
  • Gapless video playback and live streaming 
  • Complete device management
  • Fully supported content features

Create a versatile network that combines the power and design of ELO touchscreen displays with any feature-rich CMS company through signageOS.

About signageOS

signageOS, the world’s first unification platform for digital signage, enables companies to integrate, deploy, and manage scalable networks of any digital signage hardware. signageOS utilizes modern technologies to provide unified and standardized APIs for highly efficient digital signage development. signageOS’s single codebase approach and knowledge base derived from years of development with digital signage hardware and platforms ensure a future-proof digital signage framework.

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